WNYPLA Formal Recommendation for Sabres’ Fans

The Western New York Pride & Loyalty Administration formally recommends that all Buffalo Sabres’ fans root for the San Jose Sharks to win the Stanley Cup!

The WNYPLA has noticed Sabres’ fans conflicted on whom to have a rooting interest for throughout the Stanley Cup Playoffs. To remedy this, the WNYPLA painstakingly went through the final four teams and have concluded that the Sharks are the least of four evils.

Obviously the WNYPLA will NEVER endorse rooting for the Boston Bruins so that is out.

The, “Bunch of Jerks!” that makeup the Carolina Hurricanes are young, fun & entertaining but the WNYPLA recognizes the fact that the fanbase has a rivalry dating back to 2006 in which it has been decided that we’re just not going to let that go and therefore you should not be rooting for the Hurricanes to win the cup in 2019.

The Blues are a no-go due to the Ryan O’Reilly trade blowing up in the Sabres faces. Also because O’Reilly said that he had his lost his passion for the game forced that trade to happen. For turning his back on Buffalo, the WNYPLA cannot endorse him being successful.

That leaves San Jose. We know that Evander Kane is on the Sharks but Kane left the the Sabres in a traditional way for traditional reasons. His deal was up. He wanted more money. The team didn’t want to pay him more so they facilitated a trade. Normal business stuff.

So on behalf of the Western New York Pride & Loyalty Administration, GO SHARKS!

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