This is NOT the Drought! Tim’s Special Comments

I do not Blog often so when I do, I try to make it important. This is Tim’s Special Comments.

This is NOT the Drought!

As we all know, the BILLS have lost two straight games and are now 4-2. Much of BillsMafia and some members of the WNY sports media have taken this like we are in a four alarm fire and that the season is on the verge of collapse. Unless they lose to the Jets, this is simply not the case.
Now maybe the drought affected me more than it affected other people but I know the drought is over and for a lot of fans and some media members they are still treating this situation like we are still in the midst of the drought. As we all know the drought was a horrible time in all of our lives and for 17 years this organization put us through hell and could not find their ass from a hole in the ground.
This is not that time and this is not that team!
Let’s go back to the drought. It’s important to remember how we evaluated a season, a win and a loss during that time. We would go into every season assuming the BILLS would lose to Brady and the Patriots twice so they’re already 0-2. We were stuck trying to find 10 wins in the last 14 games. Now factor in playing both teams who went to the Super Bowl and neither of them being the Pats so you have the team 0-4 before the season starts. Now apply this year’s schedule to that thinking and you currently have the BILLS 4-5 instead of 4-2 and in first place which they really are. Now you are looking at the team going 6-1 to get to 10-6 and hopefully the last wild card spot. Because of this way of thinking, every game to us was considered must win and wins were pure jubilation and losses were heart wrenching because the odds of ending the drought kept going down after every loss not to New England or a Super Bowl team. This was a horrible way to watch football and we were forced to do it this way for 17 years. Old habits die hard and it’s clear that many people are still watching the BILLS this way. STOP THAT!
This season’s team is not perfect. There are two major glaring problems. The run game is insufficient and the pass rush is nonexistent. The pass rush being the bigger problem because it now puts stress on what should have been the best secondary in football but can’t be when quarterbacks have all day to throw. The problems are clearly acknowledged.
But this is NOT the drought! Sean McDermott is on year four and made the playoffs two of the last three years with Tom Brady in the division! Only Rex Ryan and his Mark Sanchez led Jets are the only other team to accomplish that feat while Brady was in the division. Brady is not in the division anymore and the Pats are 2-3 for the first time since 2002.
The BILLS are in first place by over a game on Miami and are a full two wins over New England. Allen has struggled the last two weeks but we’ve seen this offense be great this year against good competition so there is no reason to think they can’t fix it. The defense has struggled but there is talent there. What I’m saying is don’t panic yet. This is not the drought. The division hasn’t already been handed to the Patriots. There is now a third wildcard spot. The BILLS are in first place with the most talented offense WNY has seen in 25 years. Breathe, relax and try to enjoy this team without the burden of thinking that every loss is backbreaking because it isn’t anymore.

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