Happy Russ Brandon is GONE Day!

The Western New York Pride & Loyalty Administration wishes everyone a very happy Russ Brandon is GONE Day! On May 1, 2018, Pegula Sports & Entertainment through the Buffalo BILLS released a statement that then Managing Partner, BILLS & Sabres President, Russ Brandon was leaving the organization. It was hands down, the best news this organization had given the fans since the announcement that the Pegula’s had bought the BILLS and the team was staying in Western, New York!

Statement Released by Terry & Kim Pegula

Russ Brandon had been an embarrassment to the fans of our Buffalo sports teams (Specifically, the BILLS) for years. Whether it was putting the punter on the season ticket poster, signing the Toronto deal, then re-signing the Toronto deal for less money even after it was a public relations failure of epic proportions or lying to the media about not knowing what was happening with the sale of the team, Russ was nothing short of a lucky guy who did NOT deserve his job!

Amazingly, not only did Brandon keep his job, he was promoted to president of both teams. Russ along with Senator, Mitch McConnell, & NHL Commissioner, Gary Bettman, were the three people that were/are extremely powerful but extremely horrible at their job.

Western New York Media were always quick to defend Russ because, “He’s selling tickets,” and, “He’s the marketing guy,” but they always seemed to forget that this is the NFL where teams start off with $250 million dollars because of the revenue sharing. Also he was selling the NFL, not selling ice to Eskimos.

The, “Marketing Genius,” never took a public relations course and also never seemed concerned about winning. He often refereed to fans as, “Volume.” He never apologized to fans about the constant losing, didn’t stop Buddy Nix from hiring Chan Gailey, didn’t end the Toronto deal when it was clearly a public relations nightmare, and sold the entire region under the bus when he claimed that WNY could not support eight dates at the stadium in order to push the Toronto deal. His most recent blunder was securing an outdoor game for the World Junior’s and not getting the Sabres to host the Winter Classic. Instead he cost the Sabres a home game and had them play in the Winter Classic at Citi Field as the HOME team against the New York Rangers.

Any of these blunders should have earned Brandon his notice but instead he had inappropriate relations with women and was forced to resign.

One year ago today, Russ Brandon’s treachery as a terrible sports executive came to an end and that is worth celebrating! This coming Sunday, the 3rd our Weekly Meeting Videocast on Facebook Live will be diving deeper into the reign of terror that was Russ Brandon.

Happy Russ Brandon is GONE Day everyone!



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